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JC Atkinson’s Oasis fairtrade coffins, like the rest of the Country Range they sit within are made using only sustainable materials. Willow, bamboo and seagrass coffins are all expertly handcrafted into traditional and oval shaped coffins that are biodegradable, suitable for all types of natural or traditional burials, and have been independently tested and accepted for cremation.

What makes Oasis special though, is their fairtrade status.  Based in Northern Bangladesh in Nilphamari, a small village 400km north of the capital city, Dhaka, their mission is to create quality woven coffins and create quality jobs for people who desperately need quality work.  Oasis Coffins helps to support a district that suffers from extreme poverty (the average wage is between £38-£60 per month) by offering the support of fairtrade principles to its workers, alongside benefits such as a pension, holiday and sick pay and healthcare cover.

They are active members of the World Fair Trade Organisation and have been endorsed by Traidcraft, an independent fairtrade organisation.

Sometimes the coffin tells as much of a powerful story as the person who inhabits it
Greg Cranfield, Managing Director of JC Atkinson

The impact of paying above average wages, providing education that extends beyond reading and writing to basic computer literacy, safe working practices and an environment that shows respect to all means that here death is bringing new life to the workers

Of the ten principles of fairtrade, Oasis offers opportunities for disadvantaged producers, capacity building, no discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association, and respect for the environment. 

For more information visit https://www.coffins.co.uk/country-range/