Chapter Three is ready

JC Atkinson’s new Training Academy for funeral directors is going down a storm says the company, whose launch video promoting the free online learning platform received over one thousand views in the first 48 hours alone.

Based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by funeral directors, the academy aspires to create a community of funeral industry professionals who are equipped with the latest knowledge, best practices, and a thorough grasp of the coffin choices available. Something, JC Atkinson’s regional sales managers hear time and time again is a key gap in knowledge that funeral directors would value support with. 


We’ve clearly tapped into a deep need amongst funeral directors who are first and foremost dedicated and caring professionals wanting to provide an excellent service to bereaved families, but who are not aware of all the details required to enable their customers to make an informed choice about which coffin is right for their needs. We are really encouraged by the interest shown already, especially by companies with lots of staff to train. We believe the academy will be transformative, helping shape the future of funeral service excellence, setting new benchmarks in quality, commitment, innovation, and compassionate care
Greg Cranfield, JC Atkinson's Managing Director

The academy follows a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of topics essential to understanding the coffin manufacturing business. Broken down into bite-sized chapters, these combine engaging video with a follow up quiz to cement learning. You can only unlock the next chapter if you answer enough questions accurately and those undertaking the training receive a certificate for every module completed.

The first chapter covers a fascinating history of the coffin, where the name comes from, why they are shaped as they are and the coffin’s 

role as a focal point for both grieving and celebrating a life. 

The second chapter looks at traditional coffins, how they are made and how the choice of wood shapes the final product.  With loved ones increasingly wanting to know more about coffins and where the wood comes from, these sections provide simple but reassuringly memorable information to give funeral directors the confidence to address this growing need amongst customers.     

For some people, the choice of coffin is fraught with anxiety whereas for others it could be choosing the right songs. Funeral directors really want to help the best they can here but admit they often revert to recommending the coffin they are most familiar with for fear of not knowing enough about the many other choices available.
Regional Sales Manager Nigel Green-Smith

The academy is a private, safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment that runs through everything a funeral director needs to know at their own pace so that they can confidently and competently help families choose a coffin that meets all their needs whether those choices are style, financial or ethically driven. The academy enables practitioners to navigate this delicate landscape with confidence and integrity.

New chapters are being released by the academy every month.  This month’s is all about Personalisation, a major growth area in coffin sales where friends and families can design pretty much every aspect of their coffin to create a work of art that honours the unique nature of the person they have lost.

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