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JC Atkinson, the leading manufacturer of coffins, caskets and urns has launched an exclusive training academy for funeral directors. Dedicated to enhancing professional expertise, the academy will follow a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of topics essential to understanding the coffin manufacturing business, equipping directors with the skills and knowledge to provide more informed choices to grieving families.

Based on a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by funeral directors, the business says they plan to create a community of funeral industry professionals who are equipped with the latest knowledge, best practices, and a thorough grasp of the coffin choices available. By providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment, it aspires to enhance the reputation of the funeral industry and enable practitioners to navigate this delicate landscape with confidence and integrity.

At the online academy, funeral directors will have access to a range of modules, videos, and other resources, covering fundamental topics such as coffin types, materials selection, sustainability, and personalisation which once completed, will lead to certification. 

Aimed at funeral professionals at all stages of their careers, each module is centred around a specific subject, which is further divided into chapters, released monthly, that focus on critical topics.

We are excited to launch The Academy. We believe it will be transformative, shaping the future of funeral service excellence, setting new benchmarks in quality, commitment, innovation, and compassionate care. Explore our courses, unlock your potential, and become a part of our purposeful and skilled funeral industry today.
Greg Cranfield, JC Atkinson's Managing Director

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