Environmental Initiatives

In 2022 we kept up with our environmental initiatives. JC Atkinson re-launched Greener Goodbyes, a simple web-based application which allows funeral directors to accurately estimate the Carbon emissions of any given funeral arrangement and then transact to offset, thus allowing the user to offer nett Carbon-zero funerals.

Greener Goodbyes data uses independent Life Cycle Analysis and as such with reference to Greener Goodbyes, we are confident it can be used to support and substantiate “Green” advice. We are happy for Greener Goodbyes registered uses to reference the site and use its content within your own marketing material. Any green claims made should not fall into vague terms or what is otherwise known as “greenwash”. The Advertising Standards Agency is keen that environmental claims should be clear and substantiated. Details can be examined in the CAP Advertising code of practice. Details and advice are available HERE

Greener Goodbyes has many registered uses and is slowly building momentum. Our aim is to establish the resource for calculating Carbon emissions of funerals and fund the independent research required to substantiate and maintain the data used. The website can be visited as guest or as a registered user, for which you will qualify for user benefits. Please contact us if you require help and assistance in doing so. The site web address is Greener Goodbyes.com .
Since its launch in Autumn 2021, Greener Goodbyes users have already used the monies received to offset the Carbon through our

 certified partners Forest Carbon. Uses are helping with the challenge to slow climate change.
In 2021 JC Atkinson generated 140,000kw/h of its own green electricity, thus saving > 40 tonnes of CO2e when compared to mains grid electricity. This was used on site to assist in the manufacture of your coffins. We also used our biomass heating, thus saving > 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions if the same heat had been generated by mains gas fuelled systems. We also collected > 200,000 litres of rain water which was used for toilets and van washing.

We will continue to endeavour to meet our own commitments in line with government policy and the commitment made the United Nations COP 26 Conference, which decided on a reduction of Carbon emissions of 45% by 2030.