Fixtures & Fittings

Plastic handles Suitable for Cremation

Thames Lightwood

Thames Lightwood T-End


Thames T-End

Thames Darkwood

Thames Darkwood T-End

Thames Burgundy

Thames Burgundy T-End


Hampton T-End

Hampton Purple

Hampton Purple T-End


Rose T-End


Lily T-End

Canterbury Ring Handles

Cross Split Pin

Laurel Wreath Split Pin

Piccolo Rose Handle

Cross Split Pin

Rose Self Coloured

Lily Self Coloured


Split Pin Semi Casket

Collingwood Handles

Metal handles Suitable for Burial

Minster Metal

Minster Metal T-End


Lincoln T-End

Lincoln Brass

Lincoln Brass T-End

Minster Metal Purple

Minster Purple T-End

Minster Metal Burgundy

Minster Burgundy T-End

Tudor Metal Ring Handle

Laurel Wreath Handle

Rose Metal Handle

Metal Cross Split Pin

Cross Split Pin with Figure

Collingwood Handles

Plastic / Metal Combination Handles

Laurel Split Pin

Cross Split Pin

Cross Split Pin with Figure

Winchester Split Ring

Classic / Requiem Handles Plastic or Metal

Oval Light Oak Bar

Oval Dark Oak Bar





Long Bars for Coffins and Caskets

60” Coffin Square Bar/Minster Metal Handle

43” Coffin Square Bar/Minster Metal Handle

Wooden Handles / long bars

Pine Handle

Oak Handle

Wood Caledonian Handle

Wood Sherwood Handle

Wood Ring Handle

Child Casket Handles and Ashes Casket Furniture

Small Mini Rose

Medium Lily

Ashes Casket Ring

Ashes Casket Bar

Fittings and Ornaments Suitable for Burial

4x2 Small Name Plate

8x6 Large Name Plate

Cast No1 Wreath Holder

Cast Washer

Catholic Cross Head Screw

Plume Head Screw

10 inch Crucifix

20 inch Crucifix

Fittings and Ornaments Suitable for Cremation

4x2 Small Name Plate

8x6 Large Name Plate

Black Edge Name Plate

12 inch Grave Marker

Lily Screws and Washers

Plume Screw and Washers

Cross Screws and Washers

No2 Wreath Holder

Lily Wreath Holder

Plume Wreath Holders

Bell Top Screws

8 inch Crucifix

10 inch Crucifix

11 inch Crucifix

12 inch Crucifix

18 inch Crucifix

At Rest


Plain Sacred Heart

Painted Sacred Heart




Rest in Peace


Flat Gothic Cross

Interiors & Gowns

Satin Frill Pink

Satin Double Ruffle Frill

Satin Elasticated Frill

Cumberland Suite

Cotton Closing Gown

Satin Gown and Frill

Cotton Frill

Cremfilm Unfolded


ASAP Lining

Brass Pins

Cords and Tassels



Wooden Items

Bell Tops

Coffin Trestles

Oak Wood Mount

Mahogany Wood Mount

Grave Markers / Grave Crosses

Small Grave Marker

Medium Grave Marker

Grave Cross