Forever Urns

JC Atkinson has introduced four innovative new products to its post funeral range; three of which work in harmony with the natural power of the wind.

Wind Chime

Firstly, wind chimes, elegantly designed with a dedicated heart compartment to hold the ashes of a loved one, the wind chime serves both as a source of soothing melodies as well as a tender keepsake, echoing stories of the past with each gentle sway. 99cm when hung, the chimes can hold up to four tablespoons.

Wind Spinner

Next is the wind spinner. Handcrafted aluminium spirals catch the sunlight and dance elegantly with every gust of wind. A harmonious blend of motion, memories and craftmanship, the spirals represent the never-ending cycle of life and the continuity of memories. At the heart of this wind spinner lies a specially designed stainless steel compartment where ashes can be safely stored.

Scatter Tubes

New from the Oasis range comes a Bamboo Scatter tube. Available in two styles: natural bamboo and a stained striped bamboo effect, these are sustainable vessels designed for the elegant and environmentally conscious scattering of ashes. Measuring 37cm by 13.5cm, they each have a capacity of up to 380ml. Made from the fast-growing and sustainable bamboo plant, these tubes provide an elegant alternative to traditional scatter tubes for those seeking a biodegradable way of scattering the ashes of their loved ones.

Memorial Bird Bath

Finally, is the Eternal Memorial Bird Bath. Beautifully handcrafted, the bath’s sturdy stainless-steel base securely holds the ashes of a loved one. Combing form and function, the bath offers a serene space for reflection and remembrance and a tranquil stopping off point for visiting birds. Comes with a brass chain and hook for hanging.

All four products are featured in the brand-new Forever Urns Brochure available as printed copies or as a downloadable PDF.
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