JC Atkinson Brochure

Visitors to the NFE last month were the first to get their hands on JC Atkinson’s brand-new coffin catalogue. Showcasing the businesses’ refreshed look and feel, the brochure style layout encapsulates the company’s core principles of honouring timeless traditions while boldly imagining the future of our industry.

Tradition forms the foundation of JC Atkinson’s work, which for generations has emphasised the values of craftsmanship, quality, and respect for the deceased and their loved ones. Coffins are meticulously made, each ensuring the piece reflects the personality of the life celebrated.

But traditions too evolve with time and the catalogue holds many fine examples of a new take on a timeless coffin while preserving its essence and significance. Take the two new additions to the Guardian casket range: the White Passion of Christ forged from Paulownia, and the plumb purple steel Amethyst Twilight. There is also a brand-new Italian Range, including the all-new Venetian, solid oak coffin in a lighter finish with a striking red rose print along the sides.    

Marry this with the company’s focus on a future reimagined and you’ll recognise JC Atkinson’s hallmark of constant evolution and innovation to enhance the funeral experience. From eco-friendly materials to customisable designs, they are pioneering new approaches to coffin manufacturing that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern consumers. A commitment to sustainability, personalisation, and accessibility are evident throughout the catalogue which hosts a new Expressions section that takes personalisation to another level. Using the latest in print technology, the company’s design team can now print, wrap, paint, or engrave any design onto their most popular coffins. Stunning original drawings from artist Rosemary Pill completes the picture in the Reflections new illustration section.