JC Atkinson’s Daisy range

JC Atkinson’s Daisy coffins share many features; they are all hand-crafted from 100% natural materials, they are all woven onto a strong wooden frame and, as they are all readily biodegradable, they are all suitable for all types of natural or traditional burial and cremation.

But they share another distinct feature that can be neither seen nor heard…. they are all whisper quiet, no creaking.

Families interested in this natural range can choose between banana leaf, water hyacinth, bamboo, and wicker, all woven onto a sustainable soft wooden frame, making a robust coffin that neither creaks nor sags.

The coffins are lined with an elegant natural calico interior and come with a choice of personalised nameplates and footplate.

The banana leaves are removed from the banana plant after fruiting and are then delicately hand-woven into fine ropes.

Water Hyacinth grows rapidly to form a dense mat across the water surface. The gathering of Water Hyacinth has brought many local benefits including clearing water courses and assisting in the maintenance of biodiversity.

Wicker coffins are made from Rattan, which is a vine that grows around tree trunks and branches. By providing an alternative to loggers, the economic value of Rattan can help protect forest land.

Fast growing bamboo is cropped and quickly grows back, and Pandas don’t miss out as they do not eat this species of bamboo!

For more information contact J C Atkinson’s sales team 0191 415 1516

Premium Woven Coffins

Quality, Reliable & Whisper Quiet.